Pierre Beaucamp

As the old saying goes “learn concepts, not languages”. As a result, I usually try to explore something new instead of learning another flavour of C.

With this in mind, I wasn’t very excited to learn Zig. It was a pragmatic choice for a side-project that I’m working on. But to my surprise, I did learn a new concept: Memory allocations are side-effects.


For quite some time now, I've been working on a custom database on the side. As it's tough to juggle a complex side-project & full-time employment, I chose to use Go for this to make my life easier. Go allowed me to have some quick wins early on without spending my energy on learning something new.

Well, that's changing now since I “finally” hit the point where Go is not the right choice for some low level tasks. I knew that I'd need to switch to a different language at one point – so after some considerations I landed on Zig.


Hello everyone,

this will be a short post – I wanted to announce that I'm re-launching my blog this week. As a result, the RSS feed will likely break since my new host doesn't allow redirects of arbitrary URLs unfortunately.

This website laid mostly dormant for the past 5 years. I've drafted a few posts here and there, but discarded them each time as I didn't think they were “good enough”. I realize that this is a ridicoulus form of self-sabotage, but it's an easy trap for me to fall into. Going forward, I hope to change this bad habit and publish more often, even if this means shorter oder less informative entries (such as this one).

Thanks to all the people who are continuing to encourage me to write more.

For a rather long time now, I wanted to learn more about APL. As a self-taught programmer coming from C-style languages, its concepts seemed so foreign to me. So far, I had no trouble wrapping my head around new paradigms introduced by Haskell, LISP or Prolog, yet the APL family of languages seemed more of an impractical joke to me.