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For a rather long time now, I wanted to learn more about APL. As a self-taught programmer coming from C-style languages, its concepts seemed so foreign to me. So far, I had no trouble wrapping my head around new paradigms introduced by Haskell, LISP or Prolog, yet the APL family of languages seemed more of an impractical joke to me.

I found myself coming back to APL over and over, primarily thanks to examples like the vintage APL demonstration from 1975, the one line sudoku solver or the impressive benchmarks of KDB+, an in-memory database implemented in K, a modern descendant of APL.

But I could just not bring myself to understand or even like APL. Anyone researching this language will quickly find a sea of developers denouncing its terse syntax. However, Kx Systems, the company developing K, Q and KDB+ recently hosted a workshop about their technology which proved to be a perfect introduction into the world of APL.

What follows is my personal interpretation of Q, a commercial array language by Kx Systems. I am not a Q, K or KDB+ expert and my experience with those technologies is still very small. However, I think it is helpful to shine a different light on it, as it is an incredibly undervalued language and I would love to see a larger adoption of it in the future.

Pierre Beaucamp